Team URLs

SpiderOak Share can connect to either SpiderOak’s default back end (which is offered as a Software as a Service product), or a back end hosted locally (also known as on-prem.) All users install and use the same SpiderOak Share application regardless of whether they connect to a locally or remotely hosted back end. However, user accounts must be hosted on the same backed as the team the user wishes to join, therefore, teams are assigned URLs that point to the correct back end. The Team URL will also be used for joining the correct team.

team URL.PNG


The administrator of your team’s account should provide you with the Team URL as part of the setup process. It’s possible your admin will call the Team URL by a different name, CIF URL. This stands for Connection Information File, which points the Team URL to the correct location. The Connection Information File gives SpiderOak Share directions on how to connect to the right back end for your team.

After entering the Team URL click the Continue button. You will be prompted to continue the Sign Up or Log In process.