Downloading, Saving, and Pushing Changes to Uploaded Files

SpiderOak Share is intended to make secure collaboration simple. Users upload files to a secure Space and choose to allow Team Members access. SpiderOak Share presents a “File State” to show users when changes have been made or when immediate attention is necessary. The most common file state is the “Green Check Mark” (shown below) which indicates that the local file is up to date and there are no newer versions available for download.

file state.PNG



download state button.PNG

“Download” indicates that the user or the user’s device does not have a local version of this file. The file was either uploaded by another user within the Space and the user has never downloaded it, or the device being used to access the Space does not have the current version of the file.

Selecting the “Download” button will download the file and store it on the device.


green check mark.PNG

This is the most common file state. The “Green Check Mark” indicates that the local file is up to date and there are no newer versions available within Share. Please note that if another user is editing the file, the green check mark will be displayed until the save their changes and commit the file to Share.

At this time, simply opening and closing an up to date file will immediately change its state to Commit. You can return its status to Up to Date by clicking on the ellipsis (3 dots) to the right of the file state and selecting “Discard Changes”, as shown below.

Discard Changes.PNG


commit button.PNG

“Commit” indicates that the local version was modified more recently than the version in the Space. Select “Commit” to upload the changes made to the Space, allowing other Space members to download the updates made to the file.


update button.PNG

“Update” indicates the online version of the file is newer than the local version on the user’s device. Changes were made to the file by another Space member and were committed, so the user must update the version of the file.



“Resolve” indicates that the file is currently involved in a version conflict. A conflict occurs when a user is actively editing a file and another team member commits changes to the same file.

Conflict Resolve Confirm.PNG

The Conflict Resolution Screen will allow the user who most recently saved the file to select “Review.” Selecting “Review” will show the changes the team member had made. The user can decide to publish their own changes, their team members changes, or the user can simply choose the above option which allows them to upload their edits as a new file.