Uploading Files to a Space

Uploading data to a Space requires an account to be a member of the Team and the Space. Team Members may upload documents and important files to Personal and Shared Spaces. Once a file is uploaded to a Space, it may be download and edited to create a new version of the file or removed entirely by any of the Space occupants.


  1. First, select the correct Space. If no other Team Member has been added to this Space, the Space will be found under “Personal Spaces”. If other Team Members exist in this Space, then it will be under the “Shared Spaces”. Once you’re inside the correct Space, select the “Upload” button in the top-right corner of the client. Upload Button.png
  2. After selecting the “Upload” button, a file explorer window will appear, asking the user to select a file they wish to add. Once the file has been selected, choose the “Open” button which will begin the upload process. File Explorer Window.PNG
  3. After a file has been successfully uploaded the user who uploaded the file is presented with the visual confirmation of a green check mark, which indicates the file is up to date. The members of the Space are able to see the name and size of the file, when and who uploaded the file and version history of the file. File Uploaded.PNG

Alternatively, It is also possible to drag and drop individual files into a Space.