Adding and Removing Members From a Space

Managing Space membership by adding and removing Team Members from Spaces ensures that only the desired team members have access to shared data. A Space admin may add a Team Member to a Shared Space, or a personal space, but when the Team Member is added to a personal space, it becomes a Shared Space. (A Space where the creator is the only member remains a Personal Space, but when another team member is added to the space it becomes a “Shared Space”.)

When a user creates a personal space and adds team members to that space, they automatically become the admin for that Space.


  1. First, select the correct Space. If no other team member has been added to this Space, the Space will be found under “Personal Spaces”. If other added members exist in this Space, then it will be under the “Shared Spaces”. Once the correct Space is selected, select the dropdown arrow next to the Space name above, and then select “Add Members…” Space Settings.PNG
  2. The “Invite to…” window will be displayed, showing the Space admin every team member who can be invited to the space. Note that a user must be added to the Team before they can be added to a Space. Add a member to the Space by selecting the + icon next to their user name. Invite to Space.PNG
  3. Whenever multiple members exist in a Space, it is no longer considered a Personal Space and immediately becomes a Shared Space in which all users can view and interact with all files. Add Member to Space Shared Space.png


  1. With the correct Space selected, select the dropdown arrow next to the Space name above, and then select “Space Members.” Space Settings.PNG
  2. When the “Space Members” are displayed, click on the name of the member who should be removed. The member’s profile will be shown; the profile displays a padlock icon, their avatar, name, and Account ID. Select the padlock icon and choose “Remove from Space” from the pop-up menu. Space Promote and Remove.PNG
  3. Removing a team member from a Shared Space requires confirmation from the admin. Select “Remove Member” upon the confirmation screen and the member will be immediately removed. Space Remove 2.PNG


  1. Space Membership is flexible - a member who is removed from a Shared Space can always be added back.

  2. If a Space does not have an admin, users may not be added or removed. Admins should avoid leaving a Space before confirming the Space still has another admin. (Please note that a future version of Share will implement a recovery key that will allow recovery of these Spaces, and promotion of a new Admin. This feature is not yet implemented.)