Create a Space

A “Space” is where the action is! Spaces can be Shared Spaces, with several users, or Personal Spaces, with only one user. Spaces are a replacement for networked drives, shared folders, and server backups. Like these older storage solutions, Spaces contain user-selected data, including historical versions of the data. Personal Spaces are ideal for important files that are intended only for the creator or current owner of the file. Shared Spaces are ideal for files that require input from several team members, are being edited and expanded by a group of users, or need to be securely distributed across a team.

All spaces start out as a Personal Space, but once a Space creator invites other Team Members with the “Add Members…” function, the Personal Space becomes a Shared Space which means that any of the data contained within the Space may be accessed and edited by members of the Space, and all members may upload files to the Space.

Please note that Spaces can only be created within Teams.


  1. To create a Space, the user selects the “New Space” button in the bottom-left of the desktop client. New Space.png
  2. After selecting the “New Space” button, the user will be greeted with the “Space Name” screen. The Team Member may name the space anything they wish, but we’ve found it’s best to give the Space a descriptive name that accurately describes the use or contents of Space, such as “Onboarding Documentation” or “2019 Acquisitions.” After entering a name, the user will select the “Create Space” button. Create Space.PNG
  3. After naming and creating the Space, the user who created the Space will see it beneath the “Personal Spaces”, where it will remain until the Space creator chooses to invite other Team Members to the Space. Test Space.PNG