Create a Team

Currently, creating a Team within SpiderOak Share requires a Setup URL, which will navigate your Team to the correct server and back-end. Team URLs and Setup URLs share information and look similar, but their functions are different. Providing SpiderOak share the correct Setup URL ensures that your Team Members can connect to the correct Shared Spaces and start collaborating. Creating a Team requires an active account and the Setup URL, which should be attained from your internal IT team.


  1. After account creation the user will reach the Add Team/Create Team page. The user is required to input the Setup URL into the “Create Team” section where it’s requested. Create Setup URL.PNG
  2. Once the user has provided the Setup URL, they will be greeted with a page requesting the Team Name. Input a proper Team Name and select “Continue.” Team Name.PNG
  3. After naming the team, the user, now the Team Admin, will be asked to input their name. Type in a proper name and select “Continue.” User Name.PNG
  4. Once that’s completed, the Team Admin may start inviting users to the new team and begin creating Spaces!