Joining a Team

SpiderOak Share allows a user to be part of multiple teams. Immediately after account creation the user needs to either Create a Team or Add a Team to their account. Most Users will Add a Team. Adding a Team can be achieved by inputting the proper Team URL into the applicable field and selecting the “Add Team” button.


  1. Once the user has completed the account sign up, they will be greeted with a page where they may request to Add a Team or Create a Team. The user will input the Team URL given to them from their internal IT staff and select the “Add Team” button. Add Team URL.PNG
  2. Once the user has requested to Add the Team to their account, they will be presented with a screen that provide’s the Invite ID. This Invite ID should be passed to the IT Team or Team Admin by the user manually. After the user has submitted the Invite ID to the IT Team/Team Admin, they may select the “Okay, thanks!” button. Once this Team Admin receives the Invite ID from the user, the user will quickly be added to the team and may start collaborating. Add team URL confirm.PNG