Obtaining Docker Images

  • Make sure that your environment supports Docker and that Docker is installed.
  • Be sure a Docker group exists on the system and that your user is part of it. If not, run sudo groupadd docker to create the group and sudo usermod -a -G docker $YOURUSERNAME (replacing $YOURUSERNAME with the username on your system)
  • Run the following command and log in using the credentials supplied to you by the SpiderOak team. This is necessary in order to download the docker images. docker login registry.spideroak.com
  • Once you have successfully logged in, pull the necessary docker images using these commands, one at a time:

    docker pull registry.spideroak.com/share-onprem/flowblock:latest
    docker pull registry.spideroak.com/share-onprem/flowcif:latest
    docker pull registry.spideroak.com/share-onprem/flowkeygen:latest
    docker pull registry.spideroak.com/share-onprem/flowmergecifs:latest
    docker pull registry.spideroak.com/share-onprem/flowstore:latest