Removing Users from a Team

Removing a user from a team will restrict the user from accessing their Personal Spaces and Shared Spaces associated with the team. (A removed user may be re-added to the team by an admin sending an invite request with the user’s Account Key.)


  1. First, select the gear icon next to the Team name in the upper left corner of Share. (This is shown in the following screen shot to the right of the team name, “Test Team.”) Member Management Gear Icon.PNG
  2. Select the Member Management button, then select the “Remove Members” header.

  3. The admin may remove multiple team members by separating each member name with a comma. Fill out the applicable field with the user’s name and select “Remove Members.” Remove Members.PNG

  4. The admin will be asked to confirm member removal. Select “Remove Members” to remove the listed users from your team.

Remove members 2.PNG