Adding Users to a Team

Before adding a user to a Team, they must create a Share account. After account creation, a Team admin may then invite the user to the team. Once a user is added to a Team, admins of Shared Spaces may add the user to their Spaces.


  1. The user must first create their account by installing and then launching the SpiderOak Share client. The client will lead the first-time user through creating an account. One the user has an account, a Team admin (or the Operations and IT staff) may give the new user team URL.

  2. The User will be asked if they wish to “Create a Team” or “Add a Team” to their new account. Underneath the “Add Team” section, the user will input the same team URL in the applicable field and select “Add Team” button. Add Team URL.PNG

  3. The user will be presented with the “Get Invited” screen which provides them with their Account/Invite ID. This Account/Invite ID is needed by the admin to successfully invite the user to the team. The user simply needs to provide this to an admin of the team they wish to join. Add team URL confirm.PNG

  4. After the Admin has completed inviting the user to the team, the user must restart Share to see the team.


  1. Once the admin receives the Invite ID from the user, they may now invite the user to the team. First, select the gear icon next to the Team name in the upper left corner of Share. This will bring up the Team Settings window.
  2. Inside the Team Settings window, select the “Member Management” button. Member Management.PNG

  3. With the “Add Members” header selected, the admin can fill in the field requesting the user’s full name and paste the user’s Account/Invite ID into the applicable field. Once the admin selects “Send Invitation” this adds the member to the team and the next time SpiderOak Share is launched the team will populate in the user’s client.

Add Member.PNG

The Member Management page allows admins to add, remove and promote team members to admins.